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The company AżDoZet acts on behalf of the client, in front of various state institutions such as: Department of Communications, Tax Office etc.

AżDoZet complements all formalities related to the registration of a vehicle imported from abroad with the customer. Other services of AżDoZet include collection of permanent registration documents, duplicates of documents and number plates, annotations: HAK, GAZ, VAT in registration documents.

Projekt zrealizowano w technologii WordPress. Do obsługi nie są wymagane dodatkowe wtyczki, ani Adobe Flash Player. AżDoZet zostało przetestowane na komputerach i tabletach.

Technologies: WordPress, HTML5,
Delivery time: 100 hours
Responsiveness: yes
CMS: yes


ul. Chociszewskiego 47
60-256 Poznań, Poland
e-mail: azt@interia.eu

Phone: 0048.739.131.309 | E-mail: in@invictus.info.pl
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