It’s not a bird it’s not a plane! WordPress 5.2.2 is here!

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    Błażej Piątek

    Have you noticed? Yes you did, aren’t ya? 😉
    Yes! 5.2.2 is released.

    WordPress 5.2.2 gives us tools for resolving configuration problems. But that's not all!

    So… what’s the big deal about it? Let’s check what wp-devs says:

    WordPress 5.2 gives you even more robust tools for identifying and fixing configuration issues and fatal errors. Whether you are a developer helping clients or you manage your site solo, these tools can help get you the right information when you need it.

    There’s two big (and six smaller-but-also-important) things around 5.2.2. These big ones are:

    1) Site Health Check

    Building on the Site Health features introduced in 5.1, this release adds two new pages to help debug common configuration issues. It also adds space where developers can include debugging information for site maintainers. Check your site status, and learn how to debug issues.

    2) PHP Error Protection

    This administrator-focused update will let you safely fix or manage fatal errors without requiring developer time. It features better handling of the so-called “white screen of death”, and a way to enter recovery mode, which pauses error-causing plugins or themes.

    What about those smaller ones? There you have it!

    1) Accessibility Updates

    A number of changes work together to improve contextual awareness and keyboard navigation flow for those using screen readers and other assistive technologies.

    2) New Dashboard Icons
    Correct me if I’m wrong: I’m not a only person on the earth who’s happy about it, right? 😉

    3) PHP Version Bump

    The minimum supported PHP version is now 5.6.20. As of WordPress 5.2, themes and plugins can safely take advantage of namespaces, anonymous functions, and more!

    4) Privacy Updates

    A new theme page template, a conditional function, and two CSS classes make designing and customizing the Privacy Policy page easier.

    5) New Body Tag Hook

    5.2 introduces a wp_body_open hook, which lets themes support injecting code right at the beginning of the element.

    6) Building JavaScript

    With the addition of webpack and Babel configurations in the @wordpress/scripts package, developers won’t have to worry about setting up complex build tools to write modern JavaScript.

    Keep WP you guys!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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