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    Błażej Piątek

    Hi guys,
    just wanna share my WP project with you all. Yes, I know that this whole War Archive is in Invictus’ portfolio , I mean it’s here, right?. But today I want you to share an opinion about it with me, so I can improve it – just for a pure for the joy of WordPress creation.

    Link: Archive of the Second World War of the Institute of Western Affairs

    So… let me take a brief look on it.

    Is it WordPress with beTheme?
    Yes, it’s WordPress and it’s beTheme. It’s responsive. It was prepared for reading historical articles about WW2, especialy in Poland (Poznań). I think it’s fast, well prepared for tablets and smartphones. But I still want to improve it.

    What was the most exciting thing about creating it?
    Historical articles prepared by doctor Bogumił Rudawski. Photos made in the midst of World War 2. I mean look at it!

    Fig. 1. Transport of the arrested to the railway station (the first shot). Source: I. Z. Dok. IV - 132.

    A group of over 30 men in the company of armed policemen goes in an unknown direction. All men are warmly dressed, wearing coats and are laden with luggage. A column that follows the center of a wide paved street arouses the interest of passers-by. Some of them stop, such as a young girl at the Paul Hoffmann’s butcher shop. Men are looking at her. Perhaps their attention was drawn by the person who is standing in the store entrance?

    Source: http://www.iz.poznan.pl/archiwum/2017/12/19/lista-wynagrodzen-katow-niemieckich-nr-11-2016-2/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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