How to describe the 3D website? Well, it is something between a virtual tour and a computer game. We introduced this product some time ago. Today we know that it was a good idea.

Let's play 3D!

Three-dimensional page of Invictus interested child and an adult man. Everyone wants to quickly move to the virtual world!

Wide spectrum

3D Website is the perfect solution for hotels, spas, restaurants, housing developers and institutions: municipal and museums.

Good storyline

Anyone can make a virtual tour, but the 3D website is a step further. The storyline is designed individually for each project.

Involved lector

“Multimedia” is the definition of more than one medium. Our 3D Websites is not only fun for the eyes, but also for the ears.

Let’s play 3D

Three-dimensional pages of Invictus attract attention. This is not empty words. No matter how old you are. The virtual world will awaken our interest.

We decided to use curiosity to create new advertising space. It turned out that it was bullseye. Recipients run on a digital map intently. With curiosity they listen to lector.

Wide spectrum

There are plenty of uses for 3D website. Potential audience is several times more than we expected in the beginning.

Let’s think what places we want to visit without leaving your home? Maybe the city? Museum? Housing developer? Or museum, opera house or hotel?

Good storyline

The virtual space is not everything, you still need to create a story. Our guests can not yet bored while touring, right? This is because the 3D website made by Invictus will always be like an adventure game.

Involved lector

3D website will definitely be interested in your eyes but also the ears. Virtually visit using a laptop with poor speakers? Using virtual space with headphones on your ears? Anyway we engage your hearing.

What are the possible application of 3D websites?

We arranged a little brainstorming. Within half an hour we came up with a few applications for our 3D Websites… which means that undiscovered destinations is ten times more. So… who needs 3D?

  • Municipal Offices,
  • Hotels, motels,
  • Objects agritourism,
  • Restaurants and cafes,
  • Museums,
  • Open-air museums,
  • Places of Interest,
  • Cultural facilities: the opera, theaters,
  • Swimming pools and spa facilities.
  • House developers.

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