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Ladies and gentlemen,

we are a design studio, located in Puszczykowo near Poznań, which it creates for the needs of the Internet.

We operate flexibly with state-owned companies and institutions to meet their design needs. We have 12 years of experience in the industry

We are proud that you have visited the Invictus website. The fact that you read this text means that our marketing activities are effective.

We are constantly expanding the scope of our competences. This year we are opening to the markets of Western Europe and the USA.

I cordially invite you for a coffee. For the quality of joint realizations, punctuality and honesty I use my name and surname.

Błażej Piątek


Have you seen Invictus Marketplace? It’s 2020’s best if you looking for WordPress theme with customization.

Looking for WordPress theme?

Discover a place where you can find WordPress theme for your company wether you’re a carpenter or have an aviation business.

Yes! It's Elementor ready.

Yes, we also love all of Elementor features. That’s why we have Elementor-ready themes in separated category.

Customization? No problem!

Wanna hire a specialist to install the theme and replace all “dummy data” with real content? We’re ready for that.

Tons & tons of WP themes

We belive it’s good for you as a Customer to have a choice. That’s why our base or WP themes is still growing.
Discover all

Let us treat the coming few moments as our first meeting. Please, sit down in front of a blank piece of paper. Let’s have a cup of delicious coffee and examine what aspects of the new website you are considering at the moment.

Simple CMS

It is good to control the company’s image on the Internet. Ease of use provides a CMS – Content Management System.

Mobile technology

The Internet is not only a computer but also smartphone and tablet. All pages of Invictus are responsive.


You use Firefox or Opera? For us it does not matter – new site will always look good.

Unique design

Suitable presence is the basis for successful marketing. We provide personalized graphic design.
Learn more

How to describe the 3D website? Well, it is something between a virtual tour and a computer game. We introduced this product some time ago. Today we know that it was a good idea.

Let's play 3D!

Three-dimensional page of Invictus interested child and an adult man. Everyone wants to quickly move to the virtual world!

Wide spectrum

3D Website is the perfect solution for hotels, spas, restaurants, housing developers and institutions: municipal and museums.

Good storyline

Anyone can make a virtual tour, but the 3D website is a step further. The storyline is designed individually for each project.

Involved lector

“Multimedia” is the definition of more than one medium. Our 3D Websites is not only fun for the eyes, but also for the ears.
Discover 3D

Phone: 0048.739.131.309 | E-mail: in@invictus.info.pl
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PL: Możesz wysłać do mnie e-mail. Skontaktuję się z Tobą bez zbędnej zwłoki.


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